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"Ignite Your Thinking is perfect for anyone who is working through a bucket-list or wants to spark different parts of the brain creatively. I knew I would have fun taking this improv class, but I wasn't prepared for how much it would light me up on the inside. Something about stepping out even when unsure, and learning to trust my mind, body, and speech in a group is incredibly stimulating and invigorating. If you are feeling a little "blah" or wonder about practicing your instincts in a safe place, this is the group for you. Cannot recommend Toby highly enough".

— Becky Cleveland
Improv Student, Improv 101

Mr Lorenc was amazing! Students learned about how important it is to believe in your self and put your self out there so that others will trust you and want to work with you.

— Theresa Adams, Job Coach
Tesla High School, Nueva Ventura, Colorado Springs, CO

Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment "allowed us individually to experience an artistic transference from administrative mindsets to creative application."

— Dr. Suzanne MacAulay
Cultural Office of the Pike's Peak Region (COPPeR), Colorado Springs, CO

Customer loyalty mobile app

We love small businesses and helping them get started, grow bigger, and reach further. One of our key services is our customer loyalty mobile app, a great way to reward customers who come to any brick and mortar establishment. Cutting edge technology to put you a step ahead of your competitors!

If you're a retailer, consider the opportunities this app provides you to drive traffic into your business:

  • Mobile Punch Card - no more paper punch cards that get lost!
  • Customer Rewards for initial sign up, birthdays, check-ins, and more
  • Geo Targeting customers as they walk by your store
  • Push notifications to bring customers back and engage new customers
  • Social media connections to your existing Twitter and Facebook sites
  • Create your own custom offers and specials whenever you want, then keep the profits!

Cutting edge technology to put you a step ahead of your competitors!

Take a look what we can do for your business: http://lorencconsulting.wix.com/loyaltyapp

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