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"Ignite Your Thinking is perfect for anyone who is working through a bucket-list or wants to spark different parts of the brain creatively. I knew I would have fun taking this improv class, but I wasn't prepared for how much it would light me up on the inside. Something about stepping out even when unsure, and learning to trust my mind, body, and speech in a group is incredibly stimulating and invigorating. If you are feeling a little "blah" or wonder about practicing your instincts in a safe place, this is the group for you. Cannot recommend Toby highly enough".

— Becky Cleveland
Improv Student, Improv 101

Mr Lorenc was amazing! Students learned about how important it is to believe in your self and put your self out there so that others will trust you and want to work with you.

— Theresa Adams, Job Coach
Tesla High School, Nueva Ventura, Colorado Springs, CO

Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment "allowed us individually to experience an artistic transference from administrative mindsets to creative application."

— Dr. Suzanne MacAulay
Cultural Office of the Pike's Peak Region (COPPeR), Colorado Springs, CO

Improv techniques can revolutionize your office. Bring your company's teams and staff members together for an active and memorable creativity training. We'll get them on their feet and interacting with each other all while learning the concepts of hyper listening, thinking on their feet, and communication skills. Our training is meant to be fun and beneficial as your employees learn how to improve their skills, using the concepts of improv comedy.

Although each event is catered to specifically meet your companies needs, we have 3 main options:

Improv Show: Let your employees sit back and relax while they laugh together.  The improvisers on stage will get suggestions from the audience and create scenes on-the-spot using audience suggestions. Perfect for company parties, awards ceremonies, and other functions where a motivational speaker just isn't the right fit. An improv show can be anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour based on your event and budget.

Improv Interaction: We'll involve your staff even more with this option. They'll watch a few improv games from our professional crew, while taking time to verbally participate and discuss the concepts we're using on stage. It can be a great eye-opener for seeing team work and positive affirmation in action. And, yes, sometimes we make mistakes on stage - but they give us even more content to have an open discussion and interaction with your staff!

Improv Training: Everyone will be up on their feet, actively participating and having fun learning about how improv comedy relates to their everyday lives.  We all practice improv everyday (whether we know it or not) and this option helps solidify the positive concepts, giving your employees a new excitement for working together.

Contact us today to discuss the best option for your staff. We'll work closely with you to help make your event a success.

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