This blog is the journey of Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment as we continue to encourage creativity and innovation by using the concepts of improv comedy in everyday life. Any kind of group or organization can benefit from our improv-based corporate training, focusing on team-building, hyper listening and communication skills, and thinking on your feet.

Laughter is truly the best medicine

by Toby Lorenc

Child laughing I'm reading a great book right now, Improvisation, Inc. which focuses on engaging people and groups through spontaneity and innovating thinking.

Author Robert Lowe notes that "happy, healthy children laugh out loud up to hundreds of times in a day" and that "normal adults laugh as few as ten or twenty times in a day."

Why do we lose this healthy gift of laughter as we grow old?

Certainly, the reality of everyday life as an adult can put our minds focusing on the tasks, struggles, and challenges we face daily. But we can still make a conscious effort to be positive, happy, and joyful despite the surrounding circumstances.

Research shows that laughter truly is the best medicine and there are substantial health benefits from laughter. It can change the mood in any setting, group, or company. It obvious why public speakers often start with a joke, story, or comment to start an audience laughing and connect with the speaker.

So, what's the solution to this problem of our decreased enjoyment of everyday life? I would challenge you to find the things that truly make you happy and find things at which you can laugh out loud on a daily basis. Lowe suggests finding reasons to laugh on a daily basis, and even laughing out loud just to laugh!

Observe the world around you: watch children play, watch people in public places, find comics and humorous books, see comedy movies, go to an improv comedy show, reflect back on funny experiences or moments in your life - just find a reason to laugh and you'll be amazed how it changes your day and the attitude of those around you.

Most of all, choose to laugh at yourself.  We're all human and we make decisions, mistakes, and comments that can be fantastic comedic material.  Instead of letting these things get you upset or embarrassed, make the choice to laugh, learn, and move on.


Improvisation, Inc.: Harnessing Spontaneity to Engage People and Groups
By Robert Lowe
ISBN 0-7879-5142-0

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