This blog is the journey of Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment as we continue to encourage creativity and innovation by using the concepts of improv comedy in everyday life. Any kind of group or organization can benefit from our improv-based corporate training, focusing on team-building, hyper listening and communication skills, and thinking on your feet.

Improv Your Life

by Toby Lorenc
"I want to think quicker on my feet"Learn to think quicker on your feet using the concepts of improv comedy
"I want to learn to be more confident"
"I need help listening to others"
"I wish I was more creative"

So maybe you don't have a lifelong goal of being an improv actor, but there are many ideas and practices of improv comedy which can build your self-esteem, creativity, confidence and spontaneity.

Our goal is to truly help you Ignite Your Thinking by teaching you the concepts of improvisational comedy and how they apply to your everyday life.

When's the last time someone asked you in a meeting to give a short summary of a project or tell the team what you learned on your latest business trip? How did you do? Were you able to quickly and coherently provide an on-the-spot speech? Our goal at Ignite Your Thinking is to give you the core elements you need to be successful in these types of situations and to "improv your life."

For instance, many of us freeze up when someone asks us a question or puts us on the spot.  I would challenge you that we often focus on the things we DON'T know instead of what we DO know. Learning to find the details and capture the essence of what you know on any topic will help you become more confident and secure in your responses to others.

We teach these concepts in a fun, low-pressure environment so you can practice and understand the concepts.  Certainly, some people are born with the natural ability to quickly respond and exude confidence in front of others.  The good news is, these talents can be learned and practiced by anyone who has the desire to learn, just like riding a bike, playing a musical instrument, or any other talent.

Contact us for more information on upcoming classes. Our next class is Saturday, July 16th from 9am - 12pm at the East Library in Colorado Springs.  The cost is $50 per student and you'll walk away with the building blocks to improv your life.

The journey of an improv teacher

by Toby Lorenc
My first exposure to improv comedy was in college, when I was asked to join some friends doing comedy improv in a talent show.  After just a few practices and the finale at the talent show, I knew I wanted to pursue this addictive art of improv. I would later take multiple classes at Impulse Theater in Denver with a friend, and then join Stick Horses in Pants in 2006.

What a perfect fit for me - no planning, no lines to memorize, and no endless weeks of rehearsals going over the same material. With improv, I had the opportunity to work as a team with my fellow players, to hone my listening skills, learn to understand the non-verbal communication of others, and to think on my feet creatively and quickly.

Now, I've created the opportunity to teach weekly improv classes to high school students and anyone from the community who wants to try their hand at improv. Although I've taught improv classes before, they've been one-day classes and were often quite short. With this new series of classes, I'm teaching the same students for 4 weeks so it's been a totally different experience. Check out some of the photos - we definitely have a good time each week!
Improv students learn to think on their feetEven the instructors get involved in the games to help students grasp the concepts
Class sizes are small so we can teach students one-on-oneIn Improv 101, students are taught basic skills of improv comedy
Thinking on your feet is a primary concept in improv comedyImprov classes include both theory and real life practice of improvCommunication, listening, and quick thinking are crucial skills of improv

I think the best part about teaching is how much you learn as a teacher!  I've reviewed things that I knew, remembered things I had forgot, and experienced things I'll adopt. Students can challenge a teacher to critically think about the content and delivery of the message, making it better each time it's given. Plus, they provide me with new ideas and ways of communicating the skills and concepts of improv.

It's sometimes hard to believe I went from a talent show to teaching improv comedy to others, but it has been an incredible journey.  I'm excited about what the future holds for me and Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment!

Trading services and products can be a creative way to run your business

by Toby Lorenc
Colorado Springs, CO
For months, I looked all around Colorado Springs to find a venue where I could teach comedy improv classes.  I met some incredible people and venue owners who were truly passionate about promoting the arts in the city of Colorado Springs. However, we all have businesses to run and bills to pay which meant that I was either going to pay an hourly rate to rent space to teach classes, or I would end up splitting proceeds with the venue at the end of the event.

In October 2010, I attended the Business of Arts Luncheon and was honored to have Colorado Springs Children's Chorale staff at my table.  We started talking and soon I was presenting them with my challenge of needing local space to teach my classes.  Fast forward through some creative conversations and innovative thinking, we were able to create a win-win situation for both of us.

Now, the only cost to me is my time. All Children's Chorale students attend my classes for free and I have an incredible space to hold publicly-advertised classes.  We're both getting mutual promotion, marketing, and exposure through our partnership and it's not costing either of us any hard money.

Plus, both our organizations are getting additional exposure, providing better opportunities to our clients, and creating publicity for ourselves with press releases and event listings.

Does your business participate in trade?  Whether you provide services or products, there are many companies and individuals you can benefit from trade, and share marketing, promotion, and the rewards of a growing business.

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