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Developmental feedback is crucial in helping others grow

by Toby Lorenc
Last week, I took an intensive leadership class at Center for Creative Leadership. I have to say, it wasn't what I was expecting, but that was a good thing.

I walked away with more information and practical applications than I can't even begin to process. Perhaps the most practical revelation was the importance of investing in others, specifically in their development.

Typically, we often use the term "constructive criticism" when approaching topics or behaviors which others need to improve. Instead, think of it as "developmental feedback." It's a whole different mindset when you're approaching an employee, team member, or friend when you take the approach of genuinely wanting to develop them, both through failures and successes.

Center for Creative Leadership teaches the SBI Model, which is an acronym for Situation, Behavior, and Impact. You're focusing your feedback on a specific and exact moment, pointing out the behavior, and telling them how it impacted you. There's no room for debate - you're giving them the facts of what they did and how you felt. This part is crucial and another incredible revelation for me: our actions don't always match our intentions.

This feedback has to be on-going and a mix of both positive and developmental feedback.  For me, it's a great way to intentionally and directly deal with conflict, but also a reminder that we all need positive reinforcement.

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