This blog is the journey of Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment as we continue to encourage creativity and innovation by using the concepts of improv comedy in everyday life. Any kind of group or organization can benefit from our improv-based corporate training, focusing on team-building, hyper listening and communication skills, and thinking on your feet.

Customer Service At Its Best

by Toby Lorenc

Customer service and client relations are key to any organization. But your team needs to be trained, prepared, and then trained again for what may come.

The truth is there will always be surprises and challenges in a customer service role. So equipping your frontliners is crucial in several areas:


Simply, you must take time to hyperlisten to customer needs and complaints. Let the customer talk, complain, and voice their opinions so you can collect crucial data on the elements that need to be resolved.


As a former real estate agent, I became a pro at dealing with obstacles.  When a buyer walks into a home and comments, "I couldn't live with this carpet color, let's go" I was quick to say, "What if I paid to have the carpet replaced?" Now, you start hearing if there are other objections that can't be solved.


I'm a firm believer that you need customer service reps that have common sense. It's a hard skill to train, but finding the right team with this gift and giving them the power to make decisions on the spot is key to a successful interaction.


Not only is it important to agree on and articulate a solution, the follow up is even more important.  Give your teams the tools and resources to create, manage, and execute a plan that will provide an optimal solution for the customer.

The company relies on this crucial department of customer service. Reward, train, encourage, and train again.  As the face and voice of your organization, your customer service team plays one of the most important roles in your success.

Don't change who you are, just figure it out

by Toby Lorenc

Confidence guyWe work with various individuals as part of our Confidence Coaching program - basically, it's an opportunity for you to claim what you are good at, become aware of what you need help with, and be intentional about getting better! 

Everyone is different, and we're not about changing you.  Simply, we want you to have the opportunity and safe environment to try new things, plus get direct feedback about the good and bad. 

Let's not change who you are - your talents, personality, mannerisms, and even quirks define you as a person.  Instead, let us help you be aware of these unique factors and learn how to use them to your benefit.

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