This blog is the journey of Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment as we continue to encourage creativity and innovation by using the concepts of improv comedy in everyday life. Any kind of group or organization can benefit from our improv-based corporate training, focusing on team-building, hyper listening and communication skills, and thinking on your feet.

Learn stand up comedy from the pros

by Toby Lorenc

So you're funny, your friends laugh at your jokes and you think you might have a career in improv or comedy?!? Perfect, take the next step and get yourself some training in the areas that interest you.

You can take improv classes to learn how to think on your feet, create content on the spot, and be in the moment. Many of these skills are basic skills we use everyday, but it's not until you understand and are aware of how to hone these skills that you'll truly succeed.  Enroll yourself in an improv class, read some of the great books on improv comedy, and perhaps even join an improv group to get real life practice.

Likewise, if you want to hone you skills as a stand up comic, there are similarities but a different set of skills and learning must also come into play. With stand up comedy, you're on the stage alone.  You don't have a team of people helping you, so it's crucial that you know how to create and write content and jokes that will help you succeed by getting the big laughs quickly. In order to have a killer stand-up routine, you have to learn the pitfalls and the tricks to writing and performing great comedy. Here's a great resource to get you started. You can review 5 lessons for FREE:


Public Speaking Cheat

Public Speaking Package Which Offers An Alternative To The Typical 12 Week 'improve Your Speaking' Programs. Perfect For Those Who Want A Quick Fix To Actually Overcoming Their Fear Rather Than Methods For Improving Their 'speaking Technique'.

Find The Words: How to Say it Best

First Impressions Leave A Lasting Legacy. Maximize Your Public Speaking Potential With Practical Tips And Guidelines To Enhance Your Communication Skills. Adapt And Personalize The Universal Speech Samples And Templates For Exemplary Presentations.



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