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Dear Cell Phone Please Remember This Moment

by Toby Lorenc

Our cell phones provide us with a quick connection to others, give us access to a world of information and bring conveniences to life we couldn't have even imagined just a decade ago. But what are we losing with this ever-changing technology? 

Are avid picture takers filtering their lives? 
Some good friends of mine are avid photo snappers no matter what we're doing: a lunch in the park, a concert at our favorite local venue, beers at a doesn't matter. They love taking pictures with their cell phones. Lots of pictures. After they capture a multitude of random shots, it's now a project of doctoring up the photos with filters and color options, deciding the best social networks to post them on, figuring out the absolutely best captions to peak the interest of their friends and get the most "Likes". I often get frustrated and I finally figured out why it bothers me so much: I just want to experience the moment.   

Experience the moment, it's right in front of you
There is constantly a beautiful world in front of me and all around me! Why would i want to cram it into a small window when I have a 360 degree view to take it all in, tap into all my senses and form amazing memories that are strongly connected to emotions and feelings which I can carry with me as a life experience. Don't get me wrong, I do take pictures but I don't need to my phone to remember it for me. Rather I want to be in the moment and never miss a detail because I'm trying to decide on the best caption or tag my friends in a photo of the experience directly in front of me. I'll often take a few photos and post them later when I'm back home or not in the moment I want to enjoy. The same is true with improv comedy. Being in the moment is a crucial skill when you're on stage, and it's true for all of us in everyday life. If we are distracted by something that is directly pulling us away from the here and now, we're missing important details. These may be comments from others, changes in our environment, or subtleties that can easily and quickly be missed. Not to mention the barriers you're putting up by stubbornly doing your own thing and capitalizing the moment with your own agenda.  Sure, that may sound strong, but for my sake, take the opportunity to enjoy and engage in the moment in front of you. And I promise, you don't need your phone to do it.

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